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Monday - Friday     9:00 am - 4:30 pm

We are closed for lunch from 12:30 pm - 1:00 pm

The Last Wednesday of Every Month our office will be closed from 12:30pm - 2:00pm for Staff Training.

Notices for Residents

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  • TOWN OFFICE CLOSED: Please be advised that the Town Office will be closed at NOON on FRIDAY, AUGUST 22, 2014. We apologize for any inconvenience.
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  • Organic Waste Collection: A friendly reminder to please put your grass clippings/organic waste in NON-COLOURED CLEAR bags or they will not be picked...  More »
  • RV Parking: A friendly reminder that if your holiday trailer/fifth-wheel is parked on the street please make sure that it is attached to...  More »
  • June Newsletter: The June Newsletter is ready to be viewed online...there are some very exciting summer activities. Check it out!

Water & Sewer

Attention: Calmar Residents with Rental Properties

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The Town's drinking water is obtained from the City of Edmonton as a member of Regional Water Services Commission. Utility billings for water, sewer and solid waste collection are mailed bimonthly - February, April, June, August, October and December. Talk to our Utilities clerk for Automatic Withdrawal Utility Billing.



$66.00 for the first 10.88m3 (2400 gallons) of water consumed and $1.15 for each additional per m3 of water consumed thereafter.

Apartments, Condominiums, Duplex Units, Senior Apartments

Consumption rate for actual water used $2.38 per m3.

Commercial & Industrial

$63.00 for the first 10.88m3 (2400 gallons) of water and $1.30 for each additional m3 of water consumed thereafter.

Public, Institutional, Schools

$62.00 for the first 10.88m3 (2400 gallons) of water and $1.15 for each additional m3 of water consumed thereafter.

Churches, Clubs, Associations, Charitable Organizations

$54.00 for the first 10.88m3 (2400 gallons) of water and $1.15 for each additional m3 of water consumed thereafter.


The Town has its own solid waste collection and treatment facility.



Single Family Dwelling - Base Rate $62.00 for the firsts 10.88m3, anything over base amount pays $0.52/m3

Apartments, Condominiums, Seniors Apartments

Based on water consumption at a rate of $1.18 per m3.

Commercial & Industrial

Hotel$ 175.00
Coin Laundry$ 127.00
Car Wash$ 127.00
Beauty Parlor$   56.00
Restaurants$ 115.00
Offices$   52.00

 ** Plus 50% of the amount of charges over the flat rate for water consumption.

Public & Institutional

Schools$ 262.00
Churches, Clubs & Charitable Organizations $  47.00


Permit Fees

 Connect to sewer system (unless otherwise provided for in an agreement with the property owner:

Other Fees/Charges

 Town rate to clear sewer line located within private property:
$45.00/hr or any portion thereof