Business License Application

Click here to download the Business License Application fillable form. You can email it to along with payment details.

Click here for the Business Fee Schedule Schedule “A” to the By-Law 2017-13

Click here to download the Home Based Business Checklist.

Please note that all businesses operating from a place of Residence in the Town of Calmar require a completed Development Application prior to the application of the Business License. There is a one time $200.00 fee for the Development Application.

Click here to download the Residential Dwelling Checklist.

At the regular 39/20 Alliance meeting of November 25, 2015, a motion supporting the establishment of a “Regional Business License” for resident businesses, within the Town of Calmar, the Village of Warburg, the Village of Breton and the Village of Thorsby, who wish to conduct business in any of the four member communities of the 39/20 Alliance was passed. The fee for the 39/20 Regional Business License has been set at $50.00 per year.