Bylaw Contact Phone
Animal Control Bylaw Pasquale Leggio 780-999-7181
Snow Removal Bylaw Graydon Nielson 780-619-6725
Highway Traffic Bylaw Pasquale  Leggio 780-999-7181
Land Use Bylaw Ruth Sider 780-996-4064
Motion to Amend Land Use Bylaw Ed Melesko 780-886-2212
Nuisances Bylaw Pasquale  Leggio 780-999-7181
Off-Road Vehicles Bylaw Pasquale  Leggio 780-999-7181
Utility rates

Amendment to Infrastructure
Amendment to Garbage Collection
Amendment to Billing Rental Properties
Amendment to Bulk Water Rates
Amendment to Utility Rates 2013
Amendment to Utility Rates 2014
Amendment to Utility Rates 2015
Amendment to Utility Rates 2016

Darlene Parchoma 780-985-3604 Ext 222
Fire Pits
Taxation Bylaw Amanda Eigenbrood 780-985-3604 Ext 232
Recreation Bylaw
Library Board Bylaw 2011-10 
Library Board Bylaw 2011-08
Curfew Bylaw