Compliance Certificates

When requesting a Compliance Certificate the following must be provided to the Town prior; 3 original Real Property Reports, an Affidavit if the RPR is dated over one year from the Certificate request, and payment.

Rush Service (1-3 business days): $100.00
Fee (4-10 business days): $60.00

A Compliance Certificate only verifies that the measurements on the RPR meet the setback requirements that are found in our Land Use Bylaw.

The Town Office may or may not already have a RPR on file for your property. If no request for a Compliance Certificate has been made before on the property, it is unlikely that the Town will have a copy of a RPR. If there is a copy, an Affidavit will likely need to be signed to verify if changes have or haven’t been made on the property.

Please contact Ruth for more information; 780-985-3604 ext 233 or

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