Compliance Certificates

When requesting a Compliance Certificate the following must be provided to the Town prior; 3 original Real Property Reports, an Affidavit if the RPR is dated over one year from the Certificate request, and payment.

1-3 Business days (Rush): $100.00
4-10 Business days (Reg.): $ 60.00

1-3 Business days (Rush): $200.00
4-10 Business days (Reg.): $100.00

A Compliance Certificate only verifies that the measurements on the RPR meet the setback requirements that are found in our Land Use Bylaw .

The Town Office may or may not already have a RPR on file for your property. If no request for a Compliance Certificate has been made before on the property, it is unlikely that the Town will have a copy of a RPR. If there is a copy, an Affidavit will likely need to be signed to verify if changes have or haven’t been made on the property.

Please contact Ruth for more information; 780-985-3604 ext 233 or

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