Homecoming Activities & Events

The Heritage Committee will be hosting a series of events to celebrate Calmar’s history. The events will kick off in January and run monthly until the Homecoming Week and Celebration.

January – “Show Your Homecoming Spirit” Window Decorating Contest

Decorate your window(s) to show your homecoming spirit in present day or historic design. There are no real rules other than we want you to WOW the Heritage Committee with your homecoming spirit.

February – Time Capsule Poll

On August 19, 2021, the Heritage Committee will be burying a time capsule filled with items depicting Calmar’s past and present. Community members are being polled to gather ideas and items for the Time Capsule. Submit your ideas through the Time Capsule Poll today! For sharing your ideas, you will be entered into a draw to win a collector Homecoming Sweatshirt. Deadline to submit is February 28, 2021.

March – Virtual Costume Contest

Have you ever wondered what it was like to live as a 1900’s prairie settler or oil rig roughneck? Us too! The Heritage Committee invites you to get in character. Join the virtual costume contest this month to showcase your interpretation of time honoured attire from one of the following eras:

  1. 1894 – 1920
  2. 1954 – 1977

Hold on to your costume because you may need it for the Historic Tailgate Party being planned for August 20, 2021.

April –Writing Contest Winner Announcement and Readings at the Library

Join the Heritage Committee as winners are announced from the Calmar Library’s Writing Contest. The winning submission(s) will be included in the Pioneers and Progress Book, Volume 2. The event will also include feature readings selected by the committee. Date to be announced.

May – Sunflowers & Bicycles

Communities in Bloom (Calmar) is partnering with the Heritage Committee to bring back the community sunflower. Bicycle your way to downtown where you will receive a complimentary pack of sunflowers seeds, learn how to plant and care for sunflowers and try your luck by entering the backyard sunflower contest. Date and contest rules to be announced.

June – Family Picnic and Carnival Games

If you have ever lived or visited Calmar, consider yourself family! You are invited to the largest family picnic ever where the Heritage Committee will collect family favorite recipes for the 125 Homecoming Cookbook. Date and further details to be announced.

July – Backyard BBQ Cook-Off

Be your own hero! Okay, and ours!! Enter the Backyard BBQ Cook Off for your chance to claim the title of Calmar’s BBQ Majesty. Date and further details to be announced.

August – Homecoming Week

August 16 – Movie Under the Stars
August 17 – Lantern Walk through Time
August 18 – Pop Up Museum
August 19 – Time Capsule Burying Ceremony
August 20 – Historic Tailgate Market Party
August 21 – Homecoming Banquet & Dance
August 22 – Farewell Pancake Breakfast

NOTE:  Activities/events may be changed or cancelled pending Covid-19 restrictions.

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