Our Ambitious Future

Calmar's Ambitious Future

What if we could achieve the exceptional as a community?

What kind of community do we want to leave behind for our children and grandchildren? How do we create the transformative in our plans to help us reach an ambitious horizon line for the Town of Calmar?

The Town of Calmar is working on some building blocks that will work to answer these questions in its “Ambitious Future” project:

Strategic Direction

To provide a focused vision for the future

Communications Strategy

To help the Town of Calmar enhance engagement with residents

Creative Direction

To provide fresh marketing helpful for the attraction of investment, visitors, and new residents

Great things have been happening in Calmar. The community is growing. Housing costs are affordable relative to the Edmonton metro area. We have a new Recreation Master Plan that lays out a vision for recreation amenity development. We have finalized the Community Vitalization Plan for downtown enhancement.

But we also have an opportunity to have our residents look back on 2021 as a landmark year by using strategic direction, communications, and creative marketing to serve as the ONE plan that answers the vital questions: Who is Calmar in the future and Why does it matter…to existing and potential residents, investors, and visitors? Answering these questions enables the town to focus its economic and community development actions while also building strong community connectivity and pride.


The Town will be using its Facebook page over the next month or two to ask residents some key questions. We would like to hear your ideas. To get you thinking, imagine we have worked together to pursue ambitious action. What makes Calmar different or better than other places? What priorities do you think we need to have? What opportunities have we stepped into? What challenges have we solved? What do you want other people to envision when they hear of Calmar?

Responses will contribute to creating direction…. for our ambitious future.

Councillor Krista Gardner at KGardner@calmar.ca
or Michelle Levasseur, EDO, at MLevasseur@calmar.ca

The Town of Calmar, who is leading the initiative, has retained Fort Saskatchewan-based “brand-first” marketing firm Unfussy (www.unfussybrands.com) to complete the project.