Pioneers & Progress Book Volume 2

In 1894 the Town of Calmar was founded.  Originally known as the Rosehill District until 1899, Calmar has grown the past 125+ years to become a thriving community of over 2,000 people.

To honour and recognize the Town’s founding and longevity, the Town of Calmar Heritage Committee has chosen to make 2021 a Homecoming Year for Calmar residents past and present.

Perhaps the biggest project for the Heritage Committee will be creating a 2nd Volume to Pioneers in Progress, a book that chronicled the families that built Calmar from 1894 – 1980.  If you or your family was featured in the first volume and you still reside in Calmar OR if you moved to Calmar after 1980, it would be great to hear from you what the past 40 years have been like for you and your family.  For ‘newcomers’ we’d like to know what brought you to Calmar and what you like about the community.  As well, the Heritage Committee is looking for any photos or stories about Calmar’s past (including stories about businesses, community groups, sport teams, significant events, and significant people) so that they too can be included in this second volume.

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