Kim Peterson and Joel Hutton

We were originally looking in Leduc but stumbled across this house after visiting friends that live in Calmar. So happy we did! We love Southbridges little pond and how quiet everything is. Looking forward to raising our future children here as we have since heard great reviews. Thanks for the Package!

Chad and Kathleen MacLellan

My husband’s rig has always worked in northern Alberta so we wanted to be closer to him. I wanted to be in a larger Community with more opportunities for me and my girls without having to be in a city!

Christopher Gresham

We chose to buy our home in Calmar to be able to raise our son in the small town setting and have the short commute to Leduc. Such a gem of a town.

Chris Ricketson

Just wanted to say the Town is looking better and better! The Library looks very nice and so does the new building beside it. Hopefully some of the business owners around will make efforts to do the same.  Some buildings really give off a bad vibe… The amount of traffic we have going through, you’d think it would give us more visitors. People always judge a book by its cover, lol. Love seeing the road work happening too. Keep up the good work!

Dan and Sheila Jungert

Quieter than St. Albert.

Jenny Balding and Nathan Haakonson

Cheap housing to buy and a small town school for our children.

Clint & Danielle Elias

We moved to Calmar to be a lot closer to work and our kids. Our younger son was hit by a deer twice in a month going to work travelling on HWY 616 towards Thorsby totaling 2 vehicles. All of us have hit deer through the years, time to get closer. Also the house prices are cheaper and it’s a nice and quiet little town. We love it here and love the location. Very cute little town.

Ray & Christine Owens

We’ve always loved being in the country and small towns. We seemed to be drawn to Calmar because we got more house for our budget and the location is great – not too far from the airport and not too far from Devon, Leduc, Nisku & Edmonton. We love it here and look forward to participating in the community events. Calmar is truly special because of all the towns and provinces we’ve lived in, no one has ever come to welcome us personally and with a gift bag.

John & Karen Goransrud

We moved to Calmar to be close to the city but not in it 12 yrs ago. The town was exceptionally friendly. We only stayed 2 yrs then moved to a farm. 10 yrs later here we are back in our small town Calmar ready to settle for good. It has just the right amount of amenities to satisfy us and still maintain the small town feel. Our daughter and grandchildren live right around the corner and it’s great to be close together again.

Kierann Granger

We moved here to start our lives together, recently married after a long-distance relationship. We find this community kind, friendly and helpful.

Terry and Janice Balaban

We recently retired and wanted to move to a small town near our friends and family near Edmonton.  We looked at several towns in the area and both agreed that Calmar offered us what we were looking for.   Not too big not too small, sufficient amenitites to handle everyday needs, reasonable home prices, etc..  It is close to a metropolitan city (Edm.) but far enough away that it doesn’t have the crazy traffic, etc, that a big city has.  It is close to our children and family and friends.

Natasha and Kyle Eddy

My husband just got a job in Nisku and we found a lovely duplex with affordable rent in Calmar.  My sister lives in Beaumont so it’s not too far from family.

Clifford and Shirley Golden

We sold our home in Calmar Mobile Home Park.  We wanted to stay in Calmar because of not being to close to the city of Edmonton or the high price of homes.  I work out of Leduc with an oil rig moving company for the past 20 years.  My Wife and I enjoy the quiet surroundings in Calmar.  Thank you for the gift bag.

Amanda and Russell Decker

My family and I have moved to Calmar to raise our growing family.  The city is so loud and busy that we feel it’s important to show our kids to slow down and enjoy the little things.  Kids should be playing at the park not at a mall.  We look forward to getting to know our neighbours.

Linda Carbonneau

I have been coming to Calmar since 1992 when my parents bought a place here.  I have always thought it was a nice little town.  I was born in a small town in New Brunswick and have never been attracted to big city life.  I was living on an acreage outside Stony Plain and considered moving there.  However, once I considered moving here I never looked back.  Everyone is very friendly, you can really get to know folks at their local businesses.  The small Baptist church is very welcoming.  And, where else do you get a knock on your door one evening and there stands the Mayor… welcoming you with a wonderful bag of useful goodies.  What a great way to make new residents feel welcomed.  I Love Calmar!  Thank you.